Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. receives the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal for New Technology

Tokyo, Japan - (March 17, 2016) - Akebono Brake Industry announced today that the company's achievement in the "development and mass production of high-performance brakes for road cars" had been awarded the FY2015 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) Medal for New Technology.

Established in 1958 with the aims of encouraging research activities and development of mechanical engineering in Japan, the JSME Medal has been presented annually to outstanding papers, technologies and products. In 1982, Akebono Brake Industry received the JSME Medal for its "development of a new type of disc brake for passenger cars," making this the second time for the society to recognize the company's achievements.

Key factors in this achievement being awarded include stable braking performance at ultra-high speed and high temperature levels, comfortable braking without noise and vibration in city driving, and greatly reduced weight. The newly-developed high performance brake is mounted on the McLaren P1TM ultra-high performance road car, launched in 2013.

Akebono uses its superior technology accumulated through motorsports activities to develop brakes for high performance vehicles. The brake system for the McLaren P1TM was the first such achievement. The company also developed the world's first 10-pot brake caliper*1 for volume-sales vehicles in 2015 and continues to further expand its high performance brake business.

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award Ceremony will take place on April 21 (Thursday).

For more information on the McLaren P1TM brake system, see the link below:

Akebono Reveals the Details of the Brake System Adopted by McLaren's P1TM Ultrahigh Performance Road Car

*1 10-pot brake caliper: high performance brake caliper with 5 opposed pistons at each side

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Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. (TSE:7238), founded in 1929, is a world leader in advanced brake and friction material development and production. The Akebono Group operates R&D centers and manufacturing facilities worldwide, such as in Japan, the United States, Europe and Asia. Akebono has been supplying and jointly developing brake systems with the McLaren Formula 1 team since 2007.

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